Evan Steingarten Photography


Through photography I strive to create intricate, layered images that both engage and intrigue.  I find fascinating the multiplicity of beauty, possibility, and perspective revealed by life's constant contradictions, intricate incongruities, and chaotic correlations. Highlighting our ability to view things in different and unexpected ways.  

Beauty along with ugliness are all around us, they are not mutually exclusive, seeming sometimes to coexist.  Yet we have the ability to choose what to focus on, and what to change.  My images aim to demonstrate that wonder and beauty exist everywhere, even (and perhaps more relevantly) in the ordinary.  Pointing focus to things often unnoticed, but of significance.  Observing and questioning notions such as random, accidental, and purposeful.   

Of interest is the relation and interaction of human and natural design. How time as nature's arbiter creates constant change.  Crumbling cement, or peeling paint gradually take on forms other than those first perceived.  Freezing time, the photograph crystallizes this combination.  Enabling reflection on what might otherwise be visible only fleetingly. Similar observations of accidental abstractions examine designs resulting from monitor malfunctions.  Though created unintentionally, they display a remarkable resemblance to purposefully made human designs.  Even in error machines disseminate concepts from their creators, correlating random results to deliberate deeds.

I find intriguing how similar shapes and forms continually reappear in different materials. Humans seem suited to recognize this continuum of design with our eyes and mind programmed to search for recognizable forms and patterns, especially when perception is in doubt, enabling the mind to fill in missing pieces to create a whole.  Faces in particular seem to be seen, whether deliberately created or not.  One need only think of the constant claims of divine apparitions on windows, mountains, or even toast.  Images may suggest certain forms or patterns while allowing the imagination of viewers to complete the final result.

Thank you for your interest